Day at the Docks Wrap Up

Fin & Ink at Say at the Docks

Finally found a few minutes to write a wrap-up of our experience at the 2023 Day at the Docks event in March. This was the first event back after the pandemic and the buzz around the landings all day was electric. We had originally been signed up to do the 2020 event but it was shut down weeks before it could happen. Despite the setbacks over the last couple of years for ourselves and everyone in the art and fishing industry, this years Day at the Docks really felt like things were back to normal and the vibe from the people we talked to made it feel like this year was going to be a great one for the San Diego fishing community.

We were super excited to finally get our art and lures in front of the San Diego fishing community. We’ve done our best over the last 3 years to do what we could online and at small events. But we haven’t had the opportunity to get in front of a bunch of people and get their reactions and comments on what we are doing. Day at the Docks brought the people and we had a great booth location to show off our stuff.

The morning started with the early birds! The hardcore fishermen who get up early to get the best deals. We had a lot of looks at our lures and some head scratching. The old salty dogs couldn’t quite wrap their heads around our tattoo inspired art lures. As the day progressed the families and more casual fishermen and collectors stopped by. We are a head turner with a lot of people stopping by and being amazed at what we were doing. A lot of really cool comments and admiration for the work we had put in.

We did receive one comment more than any other “I’d be afraid to fish with these, they are too cool!”. We didn’t expect to hear this as much as we did but it has put us into work mode to find a solution to this. We pride ourselves on creating a product that not only can be collected but also functions as a great fishing lure. We want people to fish with them and take cool pictures of the the fish they catch with out lures. We’re working on a solution the will hopefully help ease the fear of losing a lure and we’ll be announcing those plans soon.

We had a great day and want to thank all of our friends that stopped by and supported and wore their Fin & Ink gear. We spoke with our friends on the Grande and Captain Tyler and the crew are excited to host a couple of Fin & Ink trips this season. We hope to keep growing and do the event again next year. We’ve learned a few things about what the San Diego art and fishing community wants so we hope to do it bigger and better next year. See you on the water. Tight lines!

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