Artist Signature Set #11 - Garrett Rautio - 2 Lures - The Lovecraft & The Contrast

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The eleventh Artist Signature Set is from artist Garrett Rautio a tattoo artist from Black Coffin Tattoo in St. Paul, Minnesota. These casting spoons are for all types of fishing from lakes and rivers to bays and beaches. The set features 2 lures each with different custom Lovecraft and Contrast artwork.

The Lovecraft

Length: 3 in.  |  Casting Spoon

The Lovecraft lure is an homage to my love for fishing and all things creepy. Dark and gloomy. For me, it’s reminiscent of my favorite type of fishing. In the rain.

The Contrast

Length: 3 in.  |  Casting Spoon

The Contrast lure is inspired by just that, contrast. In opposition to The Lovecraft,The Contrast lure is more vibrant, less dead, and less creepy.

The back of the lure is chrome with the Fin & Ink Logo.

The package includes: Insert Packaging, 2 Lures, and Sticker.

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