The Dagger - Gold on White Finish - Yo Yo Lure

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The Dagger – Gold on White Finish | Yo Yo Lure

Length: 6.4 in.  |  Width: 1.25 in.  |  Weight 7.5 oz.

A traditional tool of the fisherman and craftsman, the Dagger is a required tool for tasks of mariners and adventurers. Preparedness is the key to any nautical situation as one never knows when it will be necessary to slay a deep sea beast, save the life of a fellow crewman, or ward off attacking pirates. The Dagger represents stealth and deception, the key skills required to outsmart a trophy catch.

This yo-yo style lure is made for bottom to mid-water column fishing. Sink the Dagger to the bottom to jig fish or reel upward as fast as you can to convince the creatures of the deep to face the blade of the Dagger.

The back of the lure is white with the Fin & Ink Logo.

The package includes: Foil Stamped Pillow Box Packaging, Lure, Protective Microfiber Pouch, Legend Card, Tackle Box Cards and 2 Stickers.

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