Artist Signature Set #8 - Evan Oszajca - 2 Lures - The Niho Mano & The Koru

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The eighth Artist Signature Set is from artist Evan Oszajca of Big Fish Tattoo Tattoo in Solana Beach, California. These casting spoons are for all types of fishing from lakes and rivers to bays and beaches. The set features 2 lures each with different custom artwork.

The Niho Mano

Length: 3 in.  |  Casting Spoon

The patterns represented in this lure are the niho mano (shark teeth). Most commonly, these represent strength and, for some, a protector. The other element is the he’e (octopus tentacle). That represents the cunning smarts of the octopus, which every fisherman needs out on the water.

The Koru

Length: 3 in.  |  Casting Spoon

The patterns represented on this lure are koru, or the fern shoot, which is unfolding to represent new beginnings and personal growth. The hibiscus is hawaii’s state flower, which will remind us all to spread aloha.

The back of the lure is chrome with the Fin & Ink Logo.

The package includes: Foil Stamped Insert Packaging, 2 Lures, Protective Microfiber Pouch, and Sticker.

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