Artist Signature Set #4 - Isaac Aguila - 2 Lures - The Spotty & The Shadie

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The fourth Artist Signature Set from artist Isaac Aguila of Bearcat Tattoo in San Diego, CA. These casting spoons are for all types of fishing from lakes and rivers to bays and beaches. The set features 2 lures each with different custom Spotty and Shadie artwork.

The Spotty

Length: 3 in.  |  Casting Spoon

The Spotty is inspired from getting back into fishing after a long time away from it.
I remember fishing for Spotted Bay Bass (Spotty’s) as a teenager and catching my first one in San Diego’s Mission Bay. These fish put up a great fight and can be really fun and challenging to catch on a light line setup.

The Shadie

Length: 3 in.  |  Casting Spoon

The Shadie is inspired from using plastic shad swimbaits to catch fatty Largemouth Bass at my favorite local lakes in San Diego. I visit the lakes from time to time to cast lures and try my luck, especially when the bass are biting.

The back of the lure is chrome with the Fin & Ink Logo.

The package includes: Foil Stamped Insert Packaging, 2 Lures, Protective Microfiber Pouch, and Sticker.

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