The Skunk King - 2-Lure Fishing Game Set

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The object of the Skunk King lure game is simple, get skunked and you win!
This lure set is the award given to the unluckiest angler of the day. Hopefully it brightens the day of any conquered fisherman and at the same time still give them a little bit of grief for not catching any fish.

Traditionally, when you go out for a day of fishing and don’t catch a fish you call it getting “skunked.” This is definitely a term no angler wants to hear especially when you’re out fishing with a group of friends.

We want it to be a little more fun for the recipient by acknowledging them as the sub-par angler of the day and reward them as the conquered fisherman. Although this might stink in the moment, this lure set is meant to be a revolving award. The recipient is now the Skunk King for the next trip and is responsible for getting rid of their royal skunk title by catching a fish and handing off the lures to the next unlucky fisherman. Our hope is that it becomes a tradition within your fishing circle and is enjoyed for many fishing trips to come.

We leave the details of the game open for your fishing group to create its own rules. Some examples could include that the skunk cleans the fish, the skunk buys beers at the landing, or the skunk buys gas for the next trip. The only rule is to have fun with it and keep everyone excited for another trip to try and out-fish their buddies.

The set includes:

• 2x - 3.5", 1-ounce casting lures. High quality fully illustrated skunk on one lure and a graphic pattern of a skunk tail on the other. Both lures have a pearlized finish to add to the prestige of those who hold the stinky set!

• Instruction Card and Score Card with tackle box storage envelope

• Set of 5 "I Got Skunked" holographic winner stickers

• Microfiber storage pouch

• Insert card

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