The Koi - Red on White Finish - Surface Iron

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The Koi Fish - Red on White Finish - Surface Iron

Length: 6.25 in.  |  Weight: 3.5 oz. | Surface Iron

Traditionally the Koi symbolizes overcoming adversity and commitment to a goal. Stories are told of how koi will swim against the current and climb waterfalls to reach their ultimate goal. Much like fishing, determination is key to the Koi’s success. Some days on the ocean are tougher than others and it’s a true test of a great fisherman to stick it out and overcome to land the trophy fish.

The Koi surface iron art is designed in the traditional style and can be used to catch many sea creatures using a cast and retrieve method. It is designed to mimic a swim motion and target fish near the surface of the water.

The back of the lure is chrome with the Fin & Ink Logo.

The package includes: Foil Stamped Box Packaging, Lure, Protective Microfiber Pouch, Legend Card, Tackle Box Cards and 2 Stickers.

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