Artist Signature Set #3 - Scott Schaffhausen - 2 Lures - The Crappie #1 & #2

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The third Artists Signature Set is from independent artist Scott Schaffhausen from San Diego, CA. These freshwater spoons are for all types of fishing from lakes and rivers to ponds and beaches. The set features 2 lures each with different custom Crappie and closeup pattern artwork from an original oil painting.

The Crappie #1 & #2

Length: 3 in.  |  Casting Spoons

Not only is the Crappie one of the most abundant panfish in the U.S., it is also one of the most fun to catch. Anyone, from the beginning fisherman to professional anglers can have a fun afternoon catching one of these fish. The art inspiration for these lures comes from growing up in the Midwest and going to the family cabin in Northern Minnesota. Waking up early, or hitting the lake in the dusky evenings, it was always fun to troll for them. As with any fishing, you’re never guaranteed a catch, but the camaraderie with family and friends while out in the boat make for some of the best fishing memories. In contrast, you can catch them year round and spend a weekend on a frozen lake jigging for crappies and other panfish. Although it’s a great eating fish for fillets or tacos, humans aren’t the only ones that find them delicious. Many predatory fish will feed on juvenile crappies such as northern pike and muskies. One of the trolling spoon lures has been designed to resemble the close up patterns and coloration of their markings. Get out there, give them a cast, and create a new fishing memory with The Artist Signature Crappie Lure!

The back of the lure is chrome with the Fin & Ink Logo.

The package includes: Foil Stamped Insert Packaging, 2 Lures, Protective Microfiber Pouch, and Sticker.

Please allow 1-2 Weeks for Delivery

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