Artist Signature Set #6 - Baker - 2 Lures - GIFT PACKAGING SET - The Troutception & The Stream Dream

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This set includes our Custom Gift Box Packaging option! Packaged in a custom foil stamped matte black box, this is a great way to give the set as a gift. Adds a level of exclusivity and class to an already great set of lures.

The sixth Artist Signature Set is from artist Baker of East Main Ink in Bozeman, Montana. These casting spoons are for all types of fishing from lakes and rivers to bays and beaches. The set features 2 lures each with different custom Troutception and Stream Dream artwork.

The Stream Dream

Length: 3 in.  |  Casting Spoon

The art for this lure was inspired by the largest Rainbow trout that Baker had ever caught. Fishing at a “secret spot” on the Missouri River in Montana he hooked into a 26” monster fish. When he got home he knew he had to create a tattoo version to commemorate the catch!

The Troutception

Length: 3 in.  |  Casting Spoon

During a fishing trip to a small lake in the mountains close to where he lives in Montana the Troutception was inspired after catching a small, aggressive Cutthroat trout. The bait he was using had the exact same colorations and patterns as the fish he caught. He thought, wouldn’t it be cool to create some art of a fish chasing a fish, chasing a fish, chasing a fish!

The back of the lure is chrome with the Fin & Ink Logo.

The package includes: Foil Stamped Matte Black Box Packaging, 2 Lures, Protective Microfiber Pouches, Legend Card, Tackle Box Cards and 2 Stickers.

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